Interview mit Chris Corner

Am 12. November hatte ich die Freude, dem grandiosen Auftritt von IAMX im Rahmen des Melt! Intim Festivals in Berlin beizuwohnen. Dabei bot sich die einmalige Gelegenheit, Chris Corner, eines meiner größten Idole, exklusiv für zu befragen.

What are we the Sneaker Pimps fans going to expect at the IAMX gigs? Will everyone be delighted or disappointed (if you can judge that)?
My judgement is always wrong but the shows are more performance art than gigs. They consist of three fighting, spitting, copulating circus clowns. Unpredictable and extremely liberating. I think it could be interesting for the fans (particularly when they get free haircuts and oral sex).
Delighted but perhaps disturbed.

What's the main difference between IAMX and the Sneaker Pimps? How far has the concept changed?
My aim was to create a focussed and emotional record. I wanted the production to be singular, driving and understandable. The same electronic sounds throughout the album. Like a band but with machines and computer personality.
The lyrical content is reaction to self discovery.
My love, sex, strengths, weaknesses and neurosis.
The way I view the world and the way it views me.
It is obsessive to the point of being uncomfortable, and whether good or bad I feel it is my truest work to date.

Is there any connection between IAMX and 'Becoming X'?
Yes. For me X is an empty variable into which you place your own meaning. It is what you want it to be.
Art, life, death, success, whatever.
Using IAMX was an attempt at a confident life affirming statement. Growing up, becoming this thing I was always looking for. It was a process of going through the therapy of producing the record to be someone else. And it has changed me.

Are you planning any cooperations with other musicians in the future? I loved the results of your work with Brian Molko/Placebo in 'Every Me Every You'.
Yes that was an interesting combination working with them. We toured together and became good friends.
I am always working with other musicians. I have recently completed production on the next Robots In Disguise album. Vocals and writing with some interesting Eastern European bands, TNT Jackson, Moonbootica.
Remixing for Soldout, Rhythm King and her friends.
I also begin production on an English Funk/Wave band, Nemo, and also a Russian Electro/Punk band called Neonavt in December. I need to kept busy otherwise I get very anxious.

With which bands would you like to play in the future?
Suicide. I like their unpredictable energy and Alan Vega's ridiculous hairdo. Very special.

Are you going to play any festival gigs next summer?
I hope to play every festival that will have me. I will know more about this early in the new year. But my site should have updates on this behaviour soon.

What happens if there is a short-circuit during a concert?
Short circuits are exciting. Both for the performer and the audience. It pushes you to be spontaneous and people get something unique. I love that.
My shows are pretty unpredictable already so it doesn't phase me.

What was your favourite period in the group (Sneaker Pimps/IAMX)?
My time is always now. I don't dwell on the past. Everything is experience and fuel for creativity.
I have had a privileged life with the Sneaker Pimps but this is my favourite period.

How did you change from the sweet little wallflower with cord trousers and tousled hair-do to the pale, androgynous weird looking diva with make up? What happened for God's sake?
Something changed when I had to get up and perform.
I became a kind of schizophrenic character. An aggressive confident, and a cowering self obsessive.
Finally the brutal animal part of me consumed the wallflower. Even though there are still traces of the beautiful scent.

What are your all-time favourite groups? Whose music inspired you?
The list is endless and boring. Anything from 1920's Berlin Cabaret to contemporary fucked up Punk Funk.

What is the best film you would recommend?
3 films I would die for and will changed my life.
Stalker, Andrei Tarkovsky
Les Enfants Du Paradis, Marcel Carne
Alice, Jan Svankmejer

Are you working on any other projects besides IAMX and the Sneaker Pimps? Like anything completely different?
I work on visual pieces to compliment the music. And I am involved with a small art collective in the UK called Bricolage.

What is the question you never wanted anyone to ask you during an interview? Don't say this one..
Never ask me about religion and tequila.

The topic is old-fashioned, but what's your opinion on the American president-election? Marilyn Manson suggested himself as a candidate in an interview, would you vote for him?
I am depressed that the world is run by a very stupid right wing criminal. The puppet for a system based on smiles and lies. There will be a civil war in the US. And hopefully this will brake down the empire.
I would vote for Manson. At least he is honest about acting.

Is there anything you can't express with music?
Being on stage.

How does it feel to work with the legendary Chris Corner? Is it difficult sometimes?
On record, IAMX is only Chris Corner. Me. I find myself sometimes intolerable to work with. Making decisions and coming to compromise and completion is a nightmare. On the other hand I can get naked in my small dark studio and sing as badly as I want to, with out question.
Legendary! I wish.

I admire your looks very much. Are good looks and perfect styling part of your concept?
Unique, confident and unusual expression is important to me. There is not enough customized glamour and self expression in the world. Too many people shut up their personalities to conform, then become aggressive and small minded as a result.
Loosen up, let it go, experiment.

In a few hours you will play for a lot of your fans in Berlin. Are you looking forward to introduce Chris Corner with a brand new band?
A good friend once said to me, 'Never look back, never look down'.
I took his advise and I will live or die by my actions.

Fabian Fascher

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